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.net agency award
.net award

Fi has always been known for excellence. When first clicking through fantasy-interactive.com in 2005 as an advertising staffing consultant, I immediately recognized a successful organization. What I really wanted to know, however, was why Fi managed to be so consistently successful.

My first encounter with Fi was a cold call to then Business Director, Justin Schantz. Within 15 seconds, I recognized the same passion and polish evident on Fi's site over the phone. After many calls over many months, the idea of joining Fi became too tantalizing and I made a play to get in on the action. Throughout the formal recruiting process, I was literally blown away by the professionalism. Having worked as a recruiter for two years, I am not easily impressed when it comes to the hiring process. My application was handled with the same care a team of executives would put into a multimillion-dollar loan; it was an eye-opening experience. Once I was on board at Fi, I began to see the secret behind the success, and like Reaganomics, it was a trickle-down effect from the top.

Fi was founded by the charismatic, passionate and talented designer David Hugh Martin. If you Google Fi, you will see the stamp he has made on the internet – one that is ever growing and will likely end when users can walk into a room and experience the internet telekinetically. When a designer is running a visual company, the results are always going to be focused on looks – being recognized for beauty is important when everyone is judging, whether you request a critique or not.

That David's quality stamp is evident in each pixel is obvious. What is less apparent is how these characteristics of passion and drive embody the entire team. Behind every amazing design, there are Interactive and Application Developers making it dance. Looking further behind the scenes our Senior Technical Managers are establishing the infrastructure to ensure these dancing designs are snappy, indexable and intelligent. Overseeing production are our Producers, digital's kin to one of the most thankless jobs in the advertising industry – the Account Executive. Masterminding the overall production is the Executive Producer, an even more challenging position. Processing the lengthy, detailed and specific agreements is our General Counsel, and ensuring the relationships begin, take-off and thrive is the business team. Making the office an inviting and comfortable workspace is our Office Management team. At Fi, every detail from invoicing to re-stocking the fridge is handled with polish and passion.

Winning Design Agency of the Year for 2009 from .net magazine is a testament to everyone within Fi. Being recognized by the public during the nomination phase is exciting, and ultimately being chosen by judges from prestigious organizations such as Google, Microsoft and a cadre of our peers is incredible. Thank you .net magazine, and thank you to the prestigious panel of judges, we are honored to win this recognition.

Jason T. Borbet
Business Director



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